Our Favourite Recommendations


Extreme Kitchens.  My Favourite Kitchen supplier.  Not only are these guys good to work with, they also produce a fabulous kitchen.  They have the latest and greatest tools and can produce pretty much as good a kitchen as anyone can, including IKEA, Wildwood and the like.


Gentek, my Favourite Siding.  I have used many others and have settled on what I feel is the best product available in siding today.  They have a great warranty, the product is easy to install, it weathers well, keeps its color and shape.  An old saying applies to these guys, “You Get What You Pay For!” and yes it is a little more expensive that some others but having no problems after the install is worth the extra dollars.

dominion tile

Dominion Tile, located in the “backs” of Moncton on Roy Brown St, my favourite tile store is hidden among the warehouses and storage buildings.  They have recently built a new building and created one of the nicest tile showroom/warehouses in all of Atlantic Canada (in my humble opinion). They are the best.  They import alot of the tiles direct from Italy and they are high quality and not available anywhere else (except maybe Italy).  Franca is a star, she makes the buying trips, drinks a little wine and brings back to Moncton some unique products and ideas.

Franca and her team are the best, don’t buy Tile in Greater Moncton without going to thier showroom and meeting the girls, you will be awed.  Click on thier logo above to go direct to thier website.


Fabulous Flooring is all about dealing with our customers one-on-one. They will take the time to make sure the selection is just what YOU want. Value for your money and the right product for the right area is what your goal is. Satisfied customers tell their friends and neighbors — that is just good for business! Owners Gary Williams and George Leahy along with their friendly and knowledgeable staff welcome you to come in for a visit.

They are a locally owned, centrally located and one of the larger stores in the area. Fabulous Fooring has been in business for over 11 years, plus the owners have been in the flooring business for over 30 years each! George Leahy and Gary Williams were both once managers of competing flooring stores. They joined forces to open their own store in 2003.

George Lehey  and Gary  Williams over at Fabulous Flooring are two of the best guys to deal with if you are looking for the finest in quality of hardwood flooring and some pretty great carpeting as well.  This is a locally owned company that has been around for years.  I have found that they are experts in thier field and will be able to ensure you with a supply of first quality flooring, laminate, carpeting and even cushion floor.  Located over on Collishaw St, they are centrally located, easy to access and the old building they work out of is surely not contributing to a huge overhead, maybe that is how they can keep prices so much lower than the competition.  Make sure you check them out if you are building or renovating, they always go out of thier way to help you out, kind of like a time warp, back in the days when everyone knew your name and made the customer feel really important.  Just sayin’.



Domus Flooring and Stairs.   Do you know Domus?  Have you ever been to the Domus showroom in Dieppe.  These guys are great.  They have their stuff together.  Great products, locally owned, and they even deliver.  Best of all they even have thier own spray booth and they spray my hardwood stairs and railing to match the hardwood flooring.  Even if I had to get George to bring it in.  Just sayin.  They don’t discriminate because of flooring :)  Sometimes I get my hardwood from Domus and sometimes from Fabulous Floors, sometimes it depends on my customer. Regardless though, Domus does all the spraying of my hardwood stairs and railings.  Simply because they are the best.

Coolhouseplans.com, what more can a guy say, they have some pretty cool houseplans.  I have been using this site for years to find current houseplans of all sizes and styles.  It is an awesome site offering up free previews of every level of their plans, artist conception drawing of exterior views and much more.  You can even buy your blueprints from them and they will ship them right out to you.  An easy to use site whether you are looking to build a small storage barn, a small or large home, or even a garage with a loft, this site is sure to have something for you.


Finehomebuilding.com – My favourite magazine, you can even get a free 14 day free trial of thier online site.  They have all kinds of “How To” videos and important articles that will keep you up to date on the latest trends in building and renovating.  Give it a try and get hooked today.

houzz logo

Houzz.com – A great website to stay current on building and decorating trends.  Here you can keep yourself updated on the latest kitchens, bathrooms, fireplace styles, flooring styles and colors.  This site has hundreds of thousands of pictures and great articles about the construction industry related to new homes.


joy and robin pic  rbc_royalbank_en

Joy Sirois and Robyn Allen, now here are two of the best Mortgage Specialists around.  Although they are young, they have been at it for years and if there is a way to put a deal together, they can do it.  If you have been disappointed perhaps with your experience with a Mortgage Broker or another bank, give one of these girls a go.  They know the ins and outs of home buying, the requirements of CMHC and Genworth, the intricacies of the legal aspects of mortgages and are well equipped to give you some great advice.  Besides that they are backed by one of the most reputable banks in North America.  I have been with RBC for years and have never been disappointed.  One last thing, when they give you a Mortgage Approval letter, it actually means you are approved.  That is not always the case with other lenders or Mortgage Brokers.  So be careful out there, why not just deal with the best.