Site Built Garages


                             Beautiful Detached Garage With Loft

Whether you are considering an expansion to your home to gain additional living space,
maybe even to gain some space on your country property, a garage with roof trusses
designed to allow living space above is always a popular choice.

Here are some other styles to ponder!

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gr-116 garage-plans-with-lofts-and-storage-----just-garage-plans-0vwc9xgl garage-plans-with-loft-hardwood-material-dz3pub8c garage3 GARAGE-HALFSTORYDORMER Garage1 DRB111-FR-RE-CO-LG 208196548346efee961999d Classic-2-car-Garage-Plans-with-Loft 16801462544dda911236de8 8100443954bdb1ef27bf29 1e93bdc1fcff00d3782b5273fe81ca6e

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Alot of these plans can be found on               coolhouseplans
Check it out, great plans and great ideas.