“What Customers Are Saying!”

“From the drawing board, to the finishing touches and every step in between, Ron and his team were excellent. Things were always handled in a helpful and courteous manner. We highly recommend them.”

Suzanne and Eric
Lady Russell Street, Moncton


“Building a house is one of life’s greatest decisions.  Even though there is stress in this exciting time of your life, Ron helped alleviate just a little stress by keeping us involved and informed every step of the way!  Beautiful homes and a great team!”

“Se bâtir une maison est un projet d’envergure. Avec Ron, nous étions inclus d’un bout à l’autre. Chaque décision était réfléchit et en collaboration. Merci Ron!”

Jonathon and Kendra
Lady Russell St, Moncton


“It was a great experience start to finish.  We were able to incorporate our ideas into the design and finish of the house and in the end it turned into quite a nice home.   We have been proud to recommend Ron and Justin to our friends as we know they will look after them and build them a fine home.”

Jeff and Jean
Oak Ridge Drive, Moncton

“Our first home in Canada, we decided to build a new one and chose Mr. Wood with Heritage Moncton.  He did a fantastic job and has looked after us ever since.  We love him he is great!”

Raylan and Xaio
Albion Street, Moncton